In the first episode “Trust” (06.12.2013) the mission of Vera’s team and the colleagues of the drug investigation fails. During the attempt to convict a wholesaler, the middleman dies. In addition, a young police officer of the MEK is shot and falls into a coma. Together with the public prosecutor, it is decided to pursue the case further. As a result, Vera Lanz must now work even more closely with the drug squad’s undercover agent, Mario Fechtner. Fechtner is a charismatic and attractive man who is always on the verge of the “wrong side” and is not easy to trust. Vera begins to appreciate the colleague for his self-sacrificing way of working, which is so similar to hers. But what went wrong during the operation?
This question is also on the mind of internal investigator Dominik Schneider. He warns Vera that Mario could be the wrong man and asks her to report back to him. Vera is caught between these two interesting men and faced with a difficult moral decision. On top of that, she has to solve a case in completely new territory.

In the second case, “Youthful Sins” (Dec. 13, 2013), the discovery of a pregnant female wax corpse, the victim of a manslaughter 18 years ago, raises many questions for Vera Lanz and her team. It quickly emerges that Jan Trompeter knew the girl well, and Vera and her colleague delve into the girl’s youth and first relationships in Hasenbergl. Trompeter’s friends, the couple Jutta and Holger Baumann, his former best friend and brother of the dead girl ReneÌ Mosbacher and his mother, as well as Trompeter’s girlfriend at the time Biggi Scholz move into the circle of suspects. Even Trompeter’s father knows more about the girl’s disappearance. In the process, Vera not only learns why Trompeter chose a different life away from his roots, but the investigation also puts the trust between the two commissioners to the test.

“Children,” the third episode will be broadcast on Dec. 20, 2013.
Under a bridge over the Isar River, a dead woman of unknown identity and origin is found next to a crying baby. A short time later, parents Insa and Peter Wilde are on the scene, relieved to embrace their kidnapped son. The child is saved, but Vera Lanz must now solve the murder of the unknown dead woman. At first, it remains unclear to the investigators what the motives for the child abduction were, because the woman had not demanded a ransom from the wealthy Wilde couple. When Vera finally discovers that the woman was smuggled to Munich illegally and that the baby was a child from the Eastern Bloc adopted through an agency, she seems to be very close to solving the case. But then Vera’s daughter Zoe is kidnapped and the investigators are confronted with evidence of functionaries of the Russian mafia. What role does the intermediary agency “Seerose” play? What were the Wilde couple willing to do to keep the child? And how can Vera investigate further without putting her daughter in danger?

In the fourth episode “Promises” (27.12.2013), banker Dirk Bockhausen reports to Vera Lanz in a panic: he fears for his life. A short time later, he is found dead. Brockhausen’s 8-year-old son Leonard wrests a promise from Vera to find his father’s murderer. Does his death have anything to do with the case of his kidnapped and killed wife Rebecca four years ago? The kidnapping money as well as a very valuable watch were never found. Did site manager Garber deliberately turn off security cameras to get into the bank building? What exactly does Wilhelm Brockhausen, the victim’s father, have to do with the case? In her search, Vera must deal with unsolved facts of the case at the time and an innocent detainee, and meets an old acquaintance, professional killer Ulrike Laske.

Playing alongside Katharina Böhm (Vera Lanz) are Jürgen Tonkel (Paul Böhmer), Stefan Rudolf (Jan Trompeter) and Nicole Marischka (Heike Steinbeck) as police colleagues, as well as Olga von Luckwald as daughter Zoe and Hermann Beyer as the “boss’s” father-in-law.

Dieter Mann, Lavinia Wilson, MiÅ¡el MatiÄević, Bernhard Schir, Johann von Bülow, Felix Klare, Stefanie Schmid, Gundi Ellert and many others can be seen in episode roles. The first three episodes are directed by Florian Kern from scripts by Timo Berndt, Axel Hildebrand, Eva Zahn and Volker A.Zahn.

“Die Chefin” is produced on behalf of ZDF by Network Movie, Cologne. Producer: Wolfgang Cimera, producer: Susanne Flor. The editorial office at ZDF is headed by Günther van Endert.

  • Stab
    Timo Berndt, Axel Hildebrandt, Eva Zahn&Volker A. Zahn, Florian Iwersen, Christoph Wortberg

    Florian Kern, Züli Aladag, Michael Schneider

    Bernd Fischer, Busso von Müller, Andreas Zickgraf

    Valentina Freising

    Monika Hinz

    Sandra Köppe

    Darius Simaifar, n.n., Jörg Kroschel

    Stephan Hartwig

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Susanne Flor

    Network Movie, Köln

    Günther van Endert

    Die Darsteller

    Katharina Böhm
    Stefan Rudolf
    Jürgen Tonkel
    Nicole Marischka
    Florian Teichtmeister
    Olga von Luckwald

    In den Episodenrollen:
    Dieter Mann, Stefanie Schmid, Lavinia Wilson, MiÅ¡el Matičević, Bernhard Schir, Johann von Bülow, Felix Klare, Gundi Ellert u.a.