08.05.2015: “Driven hunt”.
Traffic control in the Munich area. Patrol officers become aware of an empty, parked SUV with traces of blood in the rear. Then one of the policemen is shot. When his colleague shoots back, the perpetrator flees on foot into the woods.
At the crime scene, Vera Lanz is confronted with a colleague from the Rosenheim CID: Ferdinand Preiß, with whom she is to work on the case under her direction.
No sooner do Vera and Trompeter leave the crime scene than they are ambushed. The protective vest saves Vera’s life Trompeter is shot and kidnapped together with Vera’s car. For Vera, a race against time begins.
An anonymous tip leads the detective to the sleepy village of Moosberg and on the trail of local matador and hunter Stefan Meiwald. Is Meiwald Trumpeter’s kidnapper? While Vera investigates the village’s entangled milieu, Meiwald’s former hunting colleague Karl Schollmeyer is able to provide her with important information.
Meanwhile, Trompeter’s chances of survival are getting worse and worse. Will the inspector succeed in finding her colleague in time?

15.05.2015 “Love”
The assignment is more than inconvenient for Vera Lanz. Instead of meeting Dominik Schneider for one of their rare rendezvous, she is picked up by Paul Böhmer to a crime scene: murder of the police-known drug dealer Rolf Hüske. At the scene, Vera meets Veit Mahn a colleague and friend of Trumpeter’s who reported the murder. Schneider is also on the scene. He is investigating Mahn internally, who is suspected of having embezzled cocaine during a raid. The results of the forensics make the case even more complicated: traces of a female are found in Hueske’s safe house: Did Jessica Winsler, a young drug addict, shoot the dealer? The examination of the ammunition used in the crime brings unexpected movement into the investigation: the associated weapon is registered and belongs to none other than internal investigator Dominik Schneider.

22.05.2015 “Death sentence”.
Torsten Hanke, the murderer of young Dennis Bayer, is shot outside the courthouse after his acquittal. Vera Lanz is quickly convinced: this was the act of a professional killer. Who wants to avenge Dennis’ death and has the wherewithal to afford a professional? Böhmer’s interrogation of Dennis’ mother Liane Bayer provides a crucial clue. Dennis trained at a boxing club that is not unknown to Böhmer. His physical investigation does not remain inconclusive. Dennis’ father, long kept secret by Liane, is said to be Franko Holzinger, a Munich milieu celebrity. Did Holzinger hire the killer to avenge his son? But the DNA test also holds a surprise for Holzinger: he is not Dennis’ biological father. As Böhmer investigates Liane Bayer’s family background in more detail, it quickly becomes clear to him that there must be a far more dangerous client behind Holzinger: Anton Schleimann, Liane’s father, who knows more about Böhmer’s past than the policeman is comfortable with. Vera Lanz and Jan Trompeter notice that Böhmer begins to investigate on his own. Does Böhmer still know which side he is on?

29.05.2015 “The Blonde Woman”.
The man hiding distraught near the crime scene is Gernot Viehweg the well-known astrologer and advisor to powerful business bosses. Viehweg confesses Vera to have been on the run from the tax investigation. After landing, he says, they tried to shoot him. Contrary to all suspicions, the public prosecutor Huber treats the astrologer with selected politeness. Viehweg’s records can hook the prosecution a big fish: the major criminal Manfred Gericke, on whose account bribery, drug and human trafficking go. But who is responsible for the bloodbath at the sawmill? The results of forensics give the case a new direction: in addition to Viehweg, there must have been a blonde woman on board the helicopter. “Cherchez-la-femme” is the motto of the investigation from now on. A case that will also take a surprising turn for Vera Lanz …

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    Timo Berndt, Axel Hildebrand, Florian Iwersen

    Elmar Fischer, Michael Schneider

    Sten Mende, Andreas Zickgraf

    Johannes Sternagel

    Verena Sapper, Andrea Spanier

    Sandra Köppe

    Eva Lopez-Echegoyen, Jörg Kroschel

    Stephan Hartwig

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Susanne Flor

    Network Movie, Köln

    Günther van Endert

    Die Darsteller

    Katharina Böhm
    Stefan Rudolf
    Jürgen Tonkel
    Nicole Marischka
    Bernhard Schir
    Florian Teichtmeister
    Olga von Luckwald

    In den Episodenrollen:
    Andreas Schmidt, Tim Bergmann, Rike Schmid, Alexander Mazza, Stephan Grossmann, Heio von Stetten, Martin Feifel, Franziska Brandmeier, Walter Kreye, Janna Striebeck, André M. Hennicke, Michael Rotschopf u.a.