Ariane and Oona, two teenagers with broken, chaotic homes, both feel out of place in the world. Ariane, whose violent brother terrorizes the family, compensates for her aggression and self-doubt by developing sexuality far too early. Oona, on the other hand, feels guilty about her father’s suicide and turns her anger against herself. As the girls become friends, they find together a lightness, closeness and normality they have long sought in vain. They manage to break out of the hopelessness and violence of their family situations, leaving grief and despair behind.
But then Ariane begins a secret relationship with Oona’s hated uncle Lukas, Oona’s mother’s new boyfriend. In doing so, she puts at risk everything that had previously given the girls support. When the affair is exposed, a deep rift runs through the friendship of the two – in order to save it, they see only one possibility and that leads directly to disaster.

The two main characters are played by up-and-coming actresses Sarah Horváth (Oona) and Jella Haase (Ariane). The ensemble includes Nicolette Krebitz, Thomas Wodianka, Fritz Hammel, Sandra Borgmann, Rainer Sellien and others. The film is directed by Ziska Riemann, who also wrote the screenplay with Luci van Org.

“Lollipop Monster” is a Network Movie, Cologne production. Producers are Wolfgang Cimera and Bettina Wente. Producer is Andi Wecker. The ZDF editorial team is headed by Christian Cloos.

  • Stab

    Luci van Org, Ziska Riemann

    Ziska Riemann

    Hannes Hubach

    Christiane Krumwiede

    Julia Brandes

    Ingo Frenzel

    Sandra Köppe

    Dirk Grau

    Andreas Breyer

    Annette Oswald

    Andi Wecker

    Wolfgang Cimera, Bettina Wente

    Network Movie, Köln

    Christian Cloos

    Die Darsteller

    Sarah Horváth
    Jella Haase
    Nicolette Krebitz
    Thomas Wodianka
    Fritz Hammel
    Sandra Borgmann
    Rainer Sellien
    Janusz Kocaj
    Koffi Kôkô
    Nikeata Thompson
    Rafael Stachowiak
    Lili Meinhardt
    Imge Ünlü
    Sybille Schedwill
    Luci van Org
    Murali Perumal