• Runtime: 8x22'

What to do when love has passed its sell-by date – throw it away, or reheat it? The second season of the ZDF comedy series with Annette Frier and Christoph Maria Herbst.

Countless sessions with the couples therapist, the pubescent son picked up by the police, a dementia diagnosis in the company patriarch: The events of the first season of “Merz vs. Merz” rattled Anne and Erik Merz, but brought them back together in the end.

However, the new relationship is put to the test again in the second season. Anne slides into a midlife crisis. Husband, child, house, job – is that it now, or is there something more to come? Ludwig, the company’s founder, has already moved on and doesn’t want to spend the time he has left in the company. Erik takes over the boss’s chair, but immediately has to defend it against the Finnish competition, while his parents get so financially strapped that they temporarily move in with Anne and Erik. Meanwhile, son Leon has the feeling that once again no one is really interested in him and draws his own conclusions. To somehow satisfy everyone’s interests is a task that most people fail at. Anne and Erik are no exception. And so things escalate again very quickly at the Merzens’, but in a completely different way than last time …

Carmen-Maja Antoni, Claudia Rieschel, Michael Wittenborn, Bernd Stegemann and Philip Noah Schwarz once again star alongside Annette Frier and Christoph Maria Herbst under the direction of Felix Stienz.

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Sendetermine: 9., 11., 12. & 13. April in Doppelfolgen