Robert Atzorn as Chief Inspector Theo Clüver and his team investigate with Nordic detachment, biting humor and unbeatable acumen once again on the North Sea island of Sylt.

A dead woman is recovered from the sea: name and origin unknown. She was tied up and then thrown alive into the sea. Her body shows bruises. Apparently she was maltreated before her death. Clüver (Robert Atzorn), Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk) and Ina (Julia Brendler) set out to find the identity of the unknown woman. They determine in which hotel
hotel the woman had stayed at and that she had shared the room with her friend Diana (Henrike von Kuick).

When Ina wants to question them, Diana knocks her down and takes Ina’s service weapon. She flees and goes into hiding on Sylt. At least the investigators learn the name of the dead woman from hotel employees: Claudia Gollnik. The team splits up to find out as much as possible about Claudia Gollnik. Ina delves into the dead woman’s past and visits an acquaintance in Hamburg.
acquaintance in Hamburg. Here she learns that Claudia Gollnik came into a large inheritance on Sylt some time ago.

Meanwhile, Clüver follows an address note from the dead woman’s hotel room. It leads him to the siblings Jochen (Felix Klare) and Sabine Graskamp (Nicole Marischka). Both claim not to know the dead woman. Clüver realizes, however, that they are lying. Meanwhile, Feldmann finds out from a paint sample that the dead woman was probably thrown into the sea from a private yacht.
To find the crime scene, he just has to locate the yacht. A challenge on Sylt.

Little by little, Clüver, Feldmann and Ina succeed in isolating the crime suspects. In the process, they get caught up in the dark machinations of legacy hunters who want to enrich themselves on Sylt and don’t even shy away from murder. At the same time, their concern for Diana, who still possesses Ina’s service weapon, increases. Driven by hatred, she wants to take revenge on the
Graskamp siblings, who seem to be connected to a crime long past.

“Nord Nord Mord – Clüver und die fremde Frau” is a Network Movie production, Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Hamburg. Producer: Carsten Kelber. The editorial office at ZDF is Elke Müller. Directed by Anno Saul, the film also stars Jürgen Tarrach, Nicole Marischka, Felix Klare, Peter Kurth and others. The screenplay was written by Thomas O. Walendy.

  • Stab

    Thomas Walendy

    Anno Saul

    Wedigo von Schultzendorff

    Klaus R. Weinrich

    Katrin Aschendorf

    Rebecca Gerling

    Barbara Hennings

    Olaf Kalvelage

    Roger Daute

    Carsten Kelber

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Elke Müller, Klaus Bassiner

    Die Darsteller

    Robert Atzorn
    Julia Brendler
    Oliver Wnuk
    Henrike von Kuick
    Jürgen Tarrach
    Felix Klare
    Nicole Marischka
    Ludger Pistor
    Tanja Schleiff
    Peter Kurth