A severed arm on the beach causes a stir on Sylt. While the Coast Guard searches for the associated body, Chief Inspector Theo Clüver (Robert Atzorn) and his colleague Hinnerk Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk) investigate a strange incident reported by a uniformed colleague: A lifeless body was discovered in a hotel parking lot the night before, – but it had disappeared without a trace shortly thereafter. Does the arm perhaps belong to this wanted corpse? Nobody in the hotel wants to have noticed anything, and also owner Hannah Kronen (Josefine Preuß) can say nothing to the mysterious disappearance of the body on her parking lot.

When two fishermen report the discovery of a male corpse with a severed arm, Ina Behrendsen (Julia Brendler) investigates the identity of the dead man: Piet Matthiesen emigrated to Hawaii ten years ago after his girlfriend at the time was killed in a car accident. The night before, Matthiesen had unexpectedly shown up at his old friend Jansen’s (David Rott) house to borrow the sailing yacht they shared for a trip to the Caribbean. The investigators track down Fischer Frödden (Oliver Bröcker), the ex-fiancé of the friend who died in the accident, whom she left for Matthiesen at the time. On the night of the murder, Frödden had delivered crabs to Hannah Kronen’s hotel, where the lifeless body was spotted. A coincidence?

The investigators follow another lead: shortly before his death, Matthiesen had also visited his old buddy Jan Melchior (André Szymanski) in prison, who had been involved in a jewel heist in Kampen 13 years ago. Since then, there has been no trace of the jewels or his accomplices. Melchior’s lawyer Hans Börschig (Ernst Stötzner) finally admits to having smuggled a message from Melchior to Matthiesen out of prison. So was Piet Matthiesen the accomplice at the time? And where are the jewels?

  • Drehbuch
    Jan Hinter, Stefan Cantz

    Anno Saul

    Moritz Anton

    Thorsten Lau

    Helmut Ignaz Meyer

    Fabian Römer

    Rebecca Gerling

    Dirk Grau

    Frank B. Bosselmann

    Roger Daute

    Junior Producer
    Polli Elsner

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dietrich Kluge

    Network Movie, Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Elke Müller, ZDF

    Robert Atzorn
    Julia Brendler
    Oliver Wnuk
    Josefine Preuß
    Ernst Stötzner
    Oliver Bröcker
    Robert Klawon
    David Rott
    André Szymanski
    Waldemar Kobus
    Lutz Blochberger