An obscure sex accident poses a mystery to Inspector Clüver and his team
Hinnerk Feldmann’s film break: What happened on the night of the crime?

Club owner Ronny Klöcker is found dead at home by his cleaning lady Jamila (Carolina Vera). Unclothed, sex toys scattered everywhere. A crime? Or did Klöcker have an accident?

Klöcker had previously partied excessively with the four young women Lena, Katja, Meike and Sophie, who wanted to spend Katja’s last days as a bachelorette on Sylt. Now the friends are not only in a total hangover mood, but also have no memories of the wild night. Then Clüver (Robert Atzorn) and Ina (Julia Brendler) discover a man in the women’s bed: It is their colleague Hinnerk (Oliver Wnuk) – film break included.

K.O. drops are detected in Klöcker’s blood. An accident is therefore ruled out as the cause of death. Hinnerk has to recover his memory and urgently get his wet cell phone working. Because valuable snapshots from the night of the crime are stored there.

And while Clüver and Ina already have other suspects in their sights in the form of Lena’s obsessive ex-boyfriend (Nikolai Kinski) and Jamila’s son Amoud, Hinnerk should finally succeed in actually providing the decisive clue.

“Clüver und die wilde Nacht” is the fifth case in the popular crime series “Nord Nord Nord”. It was directed by Anno Saul based on the book by Stefan Cantz and Jan Hinter. A production by Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Jutta Lieck-Klenke, on behalf of ZDF. Editing Peter Jännert.

  • Regie
    Anno Saul

    Stefan Cantz
    Jan Hinter

    Moritz Anton

    Thorsten Lau

    Helmut Ignaz Meyer

    Alex Komlew

    Rebecca Gerling

    Film Editor
    Dirk Grau

    Frank B. Bosselmann

    Roger Daute

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke
    Dietrich Kluge

    Elke Müller

    Die Darsteller:
    Robert Atzorn
    Oliver Wnuk
    Julia Brendler
    Waldemar Kobus
    Carolina Vera
    Amelie Plaas-Link
    Luise Weiß
    Karoline Teska
    Fanny Krausz
    Sebastian Ströbel
    Nikolai Kinski
    Samy Abdel Fattah
    Jasmin Lord
    Rainer Piwek
    Anne Weber