Sylt, of all places – the island of the rich and beautiful. Couldn’t it have been Husum or Pinneberg? Carl Sievers (Peter Heinrich Brix) looks out of the window as the train approaches the island on the Hindenburgdamm. Sievers comes across a bit stiff, is a chief inspector and is supposed to take over an office here. As successor to Theo Clüver.

After Sievers’ first somewhat frosty meeting with his new co-workers Ina Behrendsen (Julia Brendler) and Hinnerk Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk), both of whom had hoped for the post, a body is found by the dunes.

The dead man is Gunnar Schneider, a senior superintendent of Kiel’s protective police. At the scene of the crime, Sievers proves to be a complete professional. But Ina and Hinnerk can’t get a word out of him about why he was transferred from his previous job in Kiel to Sylt.

The detectives find 30,000 euros in Schneider’s hotel room and a camera with photos of the restaurateur Oliver Kruse (Ralph Herforth). Kruse is suspected of dealing drugs in his restaurants on Sylt and in Kiel. Did Schneider blackmail him?

Sievers goes to Kiel and finds a new lead. Schneider handled a hit-and-run that resulted in death a few months ago. The accident killed the young daughter of Sandy Freyer (Sinja Dieks), who has been in therapeutic treatment ever since. Freyer has been missing for three days and has probably gone into hiding on Sylt. Have Gunnar Schneider and Sandy Freyer found a lead to the perpetrator and followed it up on their own? But where is Sandy Freyer? Has she also been murdered?

Photos: ZDF/Marion von der Mehden

  • Regie
    Thomas Jauch

    Stefan Cantz & Jan Hinter

    Rodja Kükenthal

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dietrich Kluge

    Roger Daute

    Vanessa Eggers

    Peter Jännert

    Die Darsteller:
    Peter Heinrich Brix
    Julia Brendler
    Oliver Wnuk
    Sinja Dieks
    Adina Vetter
    Angelika Thomas
    Victoria Trauttmansdorff
    Ralph Herforth
    Timo Jacobs
    Anne Weber
    Sophie Dal
    Michael Ehnert
    Johannes Suhm
    Christoph Hagen Dittmann
    Nicole Ernst

"Sievers und die Frau im Zug" ist der neunte Fall der Reihe "Nord Nord Mord". Peter Heinrich Brix als Kommissar Carl Sievers wird in dieser Folge als Nachfolger von Robert Atzorn eingeführt, der bis zum achten Film den Kommissar Theo Clüver spielte.