Commissioner Behrendsen’s fun-loving aunt surprisingly wants to get married on Sylt, but the three commissioners investigate the murder of the island’s best-booked wedding videographer.

A car at the bottom of the sea, a dead man at the wheel: a new case for Chief Inspector Carl Sievers (Peter Heinrich Brix), Ina Behrendsen (Julia Brendler) and Hinnerk Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk).

The driver Stefan Borg did not drown, but was poisoned. He was a full-time wedding photographer in the agency “The most beautiful day “, but on the side he pursued a more lucrative business – the blackmail of brides and grooms.

His partner Thilo Rumbuchner (Nikolai Kinski) claims not to have known about the blackmail. Now he is afraid for his life. And he too becomes a victim of the unknown poisoner. Of all people, Robert Hofstetter (Christian Kohlund), the fiancé of Ina’s aunt Marion (Hannelore Hoger), who has unexpectedly traveled to Sylt for her own wedding, becomes the focus of the three investigators. During a search of the agency’s house, a photo of Hofstetter with another woman, Esther Lindgren (Nina Petri), is found. Hofstetter’s ex-girlfriend claims that Robert is a marriage swindler who cheated her out of a lot of money ten years ago. He would thus have a motive. Hofstetter maintains his innocence, plays the ball back and gives the investigators a lead on the chemistry teacher. When the team seizes the poison used in Esther’s apartment and the cell phone of the murdered videographer is also found there, they believe they are on the right track.

In addition to Brix, Brendler and Wnuk, other roles are played by Victoria Trauttmansdorff, AnneWeber, Hannelore Hoger, Christian Kohl and, Nikolai Kinski, NinaPetri and others. It is produced by Network Movie Film und Fernsehproduktion, Hamburg. It was directed by Maria von Heland from a script by Thomas Oliver Walendy. Producers are Jutta Lieck-Klenke and Dietrich Kluge. Peter Jännert is the ZDF editor.

Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Jutta Lieck-Klenke on behalf of ZDF


Photos: Manju Sawhney / ZDF

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